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Presentation and Poster Guidelines


Timing: Oral session speakers will be given 20 minutes for their presentation - this includes time for Q & A. Typically 15 minutes for presentations will allow time for questions and the transition between speakers. Each session will be assigned a moderator to assist with speaker transitions and to move the session along.

AV Equipment*: Each meeting room will have a microphone, projector, screen, and laptop. Microsoft Office 2013 will be present, which will provide backward compatibility for earlier versions of MS Office (2010, 2007,2003 and 2002 {XP}). Laptops will also have a PDF reader and at least one Web Browser, but may not have direct Internet access. Please bring your presentation to the conference on: flash drive/data stick, DVD, CD-Rom (clearly labeled with your name, session name, day and presentation time (For ex. JSmith_Phenology_Wed _140PM). Personal laptops will not be accepted. Note: The conference will not support "Mac" computers or software. If your presentation format requires more software or hardware than would be normally present on a well-updated Windows laptop, please contact Delaney Meeting & Event Management,, as well as the session moderator.
*Please review “Virtual Screen” information regarding PowerPoint 2013 and default settings, to help prepare for any issues onsite.

Speaker Check-in Onsite/Speaker Preparation Room: All presenters must load their presentation onto the laptop in the specific session room of their presentation. Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your SESSION (not your presentation). This will help your session chair identify and open your talk, and assure smooth transitions between presentations. Please seek out your session chair before your session to introduce yourself.

If you’re looking for a quiet space to practice/review your presentation, the Eagle Room (Renaissance 2nd floor) has been reserved as a Speaker Ready Room and will be available throughout the meeting. If you are at all concerned about how your PowerPoint presentation will look on the rented equipment, this room will be set up with a laptop and projector for your use, on a first-come, first-served basis.


Poster Specifications: Poster Boards will be provided, and set in the Harborview Room, on the 2nd floor. In order to accommodate two posters on each side of the board, each poster is limited to 48” by 48” (121.92 cm). Supplies to hang posters will be available to you onsite (for example, push pins, binder clips)

Poster boards will be numbered sequentially. Please put up your poster on the board having your assigned poster number. If you don't know the poster number that you have been assigned, check the list of authors and poster numbers in the Final Program, or ask at the Registration Desk. Posters may be set up beginning on Monday morning, and must be removed by Wednesday noon.


Abstracts: Abstracts will not be printed; however the full abstracts and technical session schedule will be available on the conference website.

Registration:  All presenters need to register and pay to attend the conference. You can register online and you must be registered by the early registration deadline to receive the lower registration fee. 

Contact: For questions pertaining to the program, please contact the Program Chair Todd Lookingbill at